Etja Natural Ginger Essential Oil 10 ml

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Product description

The oil is obtained from ginger perennial rhizomes in the process of steam distillation. The oil has a sharp, spicy, intense fragrance with a slight hint of honey. Used in Chinese medicine for centuries, it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and warming properties. It has a disinfecting, bactericidal and refreshing effect. It strongly stimulates circulation, which has a positive effect on the elimination of cellulite and excessive amounts of adipose tissue. It improves blood circulation and relieves pain in injuries, rheumatic pains and soreness. It helps in the treatment of colds , especially coughs and runny nose . Increases concentration, eliminates nausea, migraine headaches and menstrual pain. It can be used as afrodyzjak .


Warming, bactericidal, refreshing, anti-inflammatory, stimulating effect.


Relaxing and warming up muscles massage, inhalations, warming bath, aromatizing rooms - cleans and disinfects the air, additive to acne skin care cosmetics, additive to warming ointments and creams, perfume ingredient. Do not use undiluted directly on the skin, it may irritate sensitive skin.

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