About Us

About Us

Kosmetyk.de is a place created to unite all enthusiasts of conscious skincare and high-quality cosmetics. Combining passion, experience, and industry knowledge, we have curated a rich and diverse assortment, where both women and men can find something for themselves. We specialize in distributing the finest Polish cosmetics, meticulously selecting products to provide our customers with only trusted items.

Are you looking for natural or professional cosmetics that offer a blend of effectiveness, delightful scents, and ease of use? Then, make yourself comfortable and see what we have prepared for you - in our online drugstore, you will undoubtedly find something for yourself!

When establishing our drugstore, we had one goal - to deliver only the best cosmetics from the most esteemed manufacturers. Not just the well-known ones but also lesser-known ones who, however, prioritize the quality of their products and employ excellent ingredient compositions. Thanks to this, we have managed to create a diverse assortment, with the leading role played by the best Polish manufacturers.

Kosmetyk.de offers you a choice. We provide you with Polish cosmetics from brands like OnlyBio, Bandi, Bielenda (including Bielenda Professional), Body Boom, Nacomi, Anwen, Ziaja, Farmona, and many others. Of course, we also recommend cosmetics from foreign manufacturers who have gained recognition worldwide and whose products are used in homes and beauty salons in nearly every corner of our planet.

We use years of experience to select our products - we have been distributing cosmetics in the West since 2013, and in addition to our online business, we also run a physical store in The Hague. This has allowed us to understand the needs of our customers perfectly and know how to meet them.

At Kosmetyk.de, we emphasize both quantity and quality. So, we encourage you to invest in the best Polish cosmetics, which will ensure your daily body care is well-informed.

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