Skrzypovita Serum against hair loss 125 ml

VAT included

The Skrzypovita PRO laboratory has created a scalp serum based on an innovative composition based on the BAICAPIL™ SYSTEM. Thanks to the content of soybean and wheat sprouts and baicalin, biomolecules are formed in the germination process - peptides, amino acids, oligosaccharides and glucose. BAICAPIL ™ is an innovative mechanism of action: • increasing glucose metabolism and ATP production (oxygen supplied to hair cells) - more active and vital hair follicles• activation of stem cells - initiation of a new anagen phase (hair growth), stimulation of hair growth and greater volume• protects mitochondrial DNA against oxidative stress - more active and healthy cells, prolonged anagen phase, reduction of hair loss and thicker and thicker hair• protects hair follicle cells against premature aging - prolongation of the anagen phase

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