Garnier Olia Hair dye /9.3/ Golden light blond

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OLIA PERMANENT HAIR COLOR - 9.3 GOLDEN LIGHT BLONDE - by GARNIER . Paint for permanent coloring. Provides up to 100% coverage gray hair.The cream contains as much as 60% of natural flower oils, which have a moisturizing and smoothing effect.The delicate texture provides the scalp with optimal comfort.After dyeing, the strands are shiny and well-groomed, and their color is intense and long-lasting.It does not contain ammonia, is a delicate slightly floral fragrance.The dye is available in a light golden shade of blond.Hair dye.Does not contain ammonia.Up to 100% coverage on gray hair.Gives the strands an intense and long-lasting color.THE SET INCLUDES:- 1x bottle of oxidizing cream,- 1x tube with color cream - 1x sachet with conditioner - pair of gloves - leaflet with instructions for use TEST 48 HOURS BEFORE COLOR Even with this revolutionary formula, an allergy alert test must be carried out 48 hours before use. earrings. Using a cotton swab, apply a small amount of tint cream (equivalent to a small coin) behind the ear. Tightly close the container with the coloring cream (gel) and save it for use 48 48h later. 2.Wait 48 hours without washing, touching or covering this part of the skin. If you notice an abnormal reaction during this time, such as itching, redness or swelling in or around the area, do not dye your hair. HOW TO USE:1. Cover your shoulders with a towel and take a non-metallic bowl. Wear protective gloves. Pour the contents of the oxidizing cream and coloring cream into a bowl. Mix with a non-metallic brush until a smooth consistency is obtained.2. Apply the dye to dry, unwashed hair, starting from the roots. Separate the strands and apply the dye to them one by one until the roots of all hair are covered. Finish the application at the roots of the hair around the forehead. Quickly apply the rest of the mixture. Make sure the hair is completely covered with the dye.3. Leave on hair for 30 minutes.4. Don't take off your gloves. Lightly wet your hair and massage again. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Pay special attention to the hairline and skin behind the ears. 5 . Apply a small amount of conditioner (the size of a hazelnut) to the entire length of your hair and leave it on for 2-3 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly.


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