Farmona Set Radical Strengthening 3 elements Hair shampoo 400 ml + Hair conditioner 100 ml + Hair mist 2

VAT included

RADICAL GIFT SET< strong > Radically strengthens the hair.

A real breakthrough in the fight against hair loss. The combination of the natural power of horsetail with the effectiveness of innovative ingredients with proven effects. It clearly strengthens the hair, regenerates its structure, reduces brittleness and hair loss. Hair regains its strength, energy and shine.

Radical Your radical hair care:

Strengthening shampoo for weakened and falling out hair 400ml Effectively reduces hair loss and provides 100% stronger hair during the treatment.

Strengthening mist for weakened and falling out hair 200ml Intensively nourishes and cares for the hair from the roots to the ends, making it easier to comb.

Strengthening conditioner for weakened and falling out hair 100ml Stimulates the growth of new hair.


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