Vitapil with Biotyna and Bamboo 60 tablets

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Vitapil is a rich source of nutrients ( biotyna , zinc, iodine and niacin), which help maintain healthy hair and scalp. Copper contained in the preparation positively affects the maintenance of proper hair pigmentation. Selected ingredients are conducive to the right one synthesize hair proteins (zinc) and participate in the process of cell division, including hair bulbs (zinc, vitamin B12, folates). In addition, they help protect cells from harmful free radicals and stress oxidation (copper, zinc, manganese), which is formed during e.g. exposure to the sun, frost, dyeing or drying hair. Thanks the presence of silicon, the hair becomes strong, shiny and resistant to factors mechanical, e.g. combing or pinning. Bamboo is a plant that is famous for rapid growth and richness of nutrients and is natural source of silica. For this reason, bamboo is a recognized ingredient effective hair products. < strong >Application: supplementing the diet with vitamins and minerals that help with problems related to the condition of the hair.

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