DX2 Shampoo against graying of dark hair for men 150 ml

VAT included

The shampoo contains plant extracts (from Krameria Mandra, Sarothamnus scoparius and Juglans regia) rich in phytopigments that gradually darken the hair with regular use. In the case of gray hair, which under the influence of solar radiation has changed its color to yellowish, the use of shampoo results in a brown-gray shade. These plant extracts additionally protect the hair from the adverse effects of solar radiation. The shampoo also contains an active ingredient obtained from Cystoseira compressa algae, which contributes to the regeneration of the natural properties of the hair. By restoring the integrity of the hair fibers, it improves their hydration, shine and appearance. The composition is supplemented by an extract from brewer's yeast, which is a rich source of proteins, B vitamins and minerals. Proteins help protect the hair from external damage, contribute to its reconstruction and improve elasticity. Vitamin B2 strengthens the structure, vitamin B; stimulates hair growth, and vitamin B affects melanin, contributing to the protection of the natural color of the hair. Para-aminobenzoic acid protects the hair from discoloration, and magnesium gives volume.

Regular use of the DX2 Shampoo against graying dark hair restores the hair to its natural, dark color.


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