Bielenda Graffiti 3D Strong hair gel 250 ml

VAT included

Innovative hair styling gel with a very strong ingredient with moisturizing HYALURONIC ACID, exceptionally strong and long-lasting fixation every hairstyle, while perfectly nourishing and caring for the hair.

Capacity 250g


The gel fixes even the most unruly hair. Provides luxurious durability even to the most sophisticated hairstyles, preserving their natural elasticity, seductive shape and dazzling shine. It has a beautiful scent, adds fantasy and energy to the hair, does not weigh it down and does not dry out.

< strong >HYALURONIC ACID is one of the strongest moisturizing substances. It prevents both hair from drying out skin on the head, closes and retains moisture in the hair, moisturizes it from inside, making hair healthy, strong, damage-free and perfectly moisturized.

KERATIN – an important building block of hair responsible for its condition and quality.


Durable, energetic hairstyle, healthy, smooth, perfectly moisturized, shiny, sexy hair.


Apply the gel to dry hair, style as usual.

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