Eveline Brow & Go Mascara for eyebrows /01/ Light 6ml

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< strong > Eveline Brow&Go mascara for eyebrow styling Do you dream of beautiful eyebrows that will be the best setting for your beauty? Meet mascara Brow&Go , thanks to which you can style your eyebrows very quickly according to your expectations.

Eyebrow make-up mascara that gives them a great, intense look and color. A precise, very precise brush will allow you to emphasize your eyebrows, thanks to which your look will gain character. The innovative mascara formula contains micro fibers that add volume to the eyebrows by filling in the empty spaces between the hairs. The cosmetic is closed in a compact, practical package, it will fit into any handbag, it is efficient and easy to use.

- adds character to the look,
- perfectly highlights the eyebrows,
- adds volume
- thickens and fills the spaces between the hairs,
- a precise brush,
- easy application,
a lot

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