Donegal Make-up brush 2in1 Duo Brushi 1 piece

VAT included

  • A double- strong makeup brush with a unique, metallic style of a subtle rose gold color.
  • Brush D 10 with rounded bristles is dedicated to applying powders loose and pressed. Brush D 20 with slanted bristles is used for application of blush and bronzer and face contouring.
  • Done made of soft, dense and smooth bristles, which are closed the structure enables economical application of cosmetics.
  • Thanks to the grooves located in the middle of the handle, the brush is comfortable to hold.
  • Two-sided product gives it great functionality - with just one brush comprehensive and professional make-up can be performed.
  • It allows for quick and convenient application of cosmetics.
  • Brush is unrivaled and will be comfortable and practical a tool not only in the hands of an experienced make-up artist, but also a person beginner.
  • It will be perfect when traveling; thanks to the combination of brushes, you can reduce the number of accessories in the cosmetic bag.
  • Dimensions: length 5 cm.

    Make-up brush care: The brush should be washed with warm water with the addition of gel with oil or with a special preparation for washing cosmetic accessories. After rinsing washing cosmetic, gently squeeze the bristles with a towel paper. The brush should be dried in a horizontal or vertical position (broom pointing down). Avoid getting the handle (handle) wet brush.

How to use the D10 brush:

dip the brush in the loose powder or rub it lightly on the surface of the powder in the stone,

gently tap off excess product from the brush,

apply the powder to the face with sweeping movements, starting from the forehead, through the temples, nose, cheeks and chin.

How to use the D 20 brush:

apply your favorite blusher (stone or loose) on the brush,

gently tap off excess product from the brush,

sweep the brush over the top of the cheekbones - in gentle circular motions to evenly distribute the product.

You don't know what shade of blush suits you best?

The most important thing is to follow the principle of naturalness, i.e. choose a shade that perfectly matches our complexion. The surest and at the same time the easiest method is to match the shade of pink to the color of your lips.

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