Bielenda Dr Medica Trą dzik Dermatological Toning liquid cleansing the face, neckline and back 250 ml

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Dermatological cleansing emulsion Boar dzik 250ml Dr Medica - is a cosmetic preparation intended for cleansing combination, oily and seborrheic skin, especially with prone to acne The product is safe for sensitive skin, does not dry the skin.


Dermatological cleansing emulsion for acne 250ml Dr Medica with a specially developed TR-T 5 mg/1g formula contains ACTIVE SUBSTANCES that eliminate acne lesions. The emulsion removes make-up, impurities and excess sebum. It cleanses and unclogs pores, reduces oily skin and shine. Skin irritation and redness caused by acne changes soothes and soothes, moisturizes and refreshes.

WHITE CLAY - has astringent, nourishing and regenerating properties, supporting the care of dry, delicate, sensitive or tired skin with wrinkles. Soothes and scars, improves skin tone. It is known as porcelain clay or china clay.

NIACINAMIDE - has an anti-acne effect, moisturizes and tones the skin, has an anti-wrinkle effect, reduces and smoothes fine wrinkles. It improves the structure and color of the skin, prevents the formation of visible discolorations. Provides firmness and proper tension. It has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes healing and regeneration of the epidermis. It gives the skin greater resistance to irritation, e.g. caused by external factors. It reduces excessive sebum production and reduces the size of pores.

D- PANTHENOL - moisturizing substance, has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, regenerates. It ensures that the epidermis will be soothed and elastic.

Allantoin - effective in acne lesions, a strongly moisturizing, soothing and regenerating substance. It has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, eliminates burning. Smoothes and softens the epidermis. It soothes redness, undesirable symptoms of irritation caused by the use of detergents or soap.


Fresh, cleansed and moisturized skin. Reduced acne and facial shine. Pores unblocked and narrowed. Less visible imperfections. The color is even.


Massage a small amount of the preparation in the morning and evening on damp skin. Rinse with water, dry and apply the appropriate cosmetic. Dermatological cleansing emulsion for acne 250ml Dr Medica is recommended for everyday use.

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