Bielenda Skin Clinic Professional Day/Night Correcting Face Cream 50 ml

Bielenda Skin Clinic Professional Day/Night Correcting Face Cream 50 ml

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Professional cosmetic for skin with imperfections, combination, oily, shiny, gray, with enlarged pores, with discoloration, with visible acne lesions. Gently exfoliates, effectively reduces skin shine and narrows pores, brightens discolorations, adds radiance to the skin, reduces wrinkles, perfectly smoothes, improves skin hydration and firmness. The skin looks younger, is smooth, firm, matte, with a uniform color, imperfections are reduced and less visible.
The cream contains a large dose of powerful active ingredients:
Mandelic acid - gently exfoliates the epidermis, has antibacterial properties, narrows pores, reduces excessive secretion of sebum, prevents pores from clogging, brightens discolorations.
Lactobionic acid - exfoliates the epidermis by stimulating skin repair mechanisms, prevents the formation of blemishes, smoothes and unifies the skin tone, intensively moisturizes.
Vitamin B3 - strengthens, renews and mattifies the skin, increases its resistance to damage. Combats skin problems - boar dzik , redness, roughness. Brightens the epidermis, reduces sun and age pigmentation spots.
Efficacy confirmed by tests: imperfections significantly reduced (by 9 1% ), skin looks visibly younger (by 85%).
In vivo tests carried out under the supervision of dermatologists on a group of 25 women for a period of 6 weeks have shown that the use of the cream in combination with serum reverses the biological age of the skin by 10 years.
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