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Evening Primrose (Oenothera)

A plant from the evening primrose family of the mirataceae order. It includes about 120 species in South America, North America and Eurasian countries. There are about 30 species in Poland, the most famous being the two-year-old primrose. The hairy stem of the plant with yellow flowers reaches a height of up to 150 centimeters. The plant blooms from June to August.

BIO EVENING PRIMROSE OIL/Oenothera Biennis Seed Oil/

Cold-pressed oil from selected evening primrose seeds. It contains significant amounts of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), omega-6 acid and vitamin E. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, regulates skin moisture, cell metabolism and the work of sebaceous glands. It soothes itching, removes toxins, protects against free radicals and makes the skin more elastic. Recommended especially for people with acne, eczema and skin blemishes. Evening primrose oil improves hair condition. It strengthens the current hair bulbs and stimulates the formation of new ones, preventing baldness. Perfect for all skin types.


  • can be used directly on the skin. Rub a few drops ( 5 ) with your fingertips into the cleansed skin of the face.
  • addition to the elasticizing and firming body and face massage
  • healing and firming bath. Pour about 10 ml of oil (a tablespoon) into a bathtub filled with 1/3 of warm water.
  • direct application to the hair or as an addition to hair conditioners
  • addition to creams as an active substance, anti-wrinkle effect

< strong > Etja 's BIO evening primrose oil is made from ecological raw materials and is 100% natural. It has the BCS DE-ӦKO certificate.


Always close the bottle after use and store it in a cool place. It is not resistant to high temperatures.


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