Etja Natural Wheat Germ Oil 50 ml

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< strong >WHEAT /Triticum/

A type of grain that belongs to the grass family Poaceae. It is cultivated almost all over the world, but it comes from South-West and Central Asia. About 20 species of wheat can be distinguished, which is, apart from barley, the oldest cultivated grain for over 6,000 thousand years. In the world economy, it ranks third in terms of grain production. The common cultivated species is common wheat. Many raw materials can be obtained from fruits called kernels, e.g. wheat germ, from which a natural oil rich in many ingredients is obtained through the extraction process.

NATURAL WHEAT GERM OIL /Tritium Vulgare Germ Oil/

It is obtained from 100% wheat germ. Rich in proteins, fatty acids and high content of vitamins A , B , D and E (natural antioxidant). Gives the skin smoothness and softness. It works not only on the surface of the skin, but easily penetrates into the epidermis. Perfect for dry and flaky skin. It regenerates the inside of the hair, restores its natural sheath and smoothes its surface. It protects against excessive water loss and UV radiation. However, we warn people allergic to wheat against using it, as it may cause an allergic reaction. then we recommend using another natural carrier oil, e .g . from Avocado .

Wheat Germ Oil offered by ETJA is 100% natural.


  • directly on the skin, take a few ( 5 ) drops on clean fingertips and rub into the skin of the face until completely absorbed.

  • usually used in relaxation and beauty techniques. The literature recommends using this oil in Gold 10% solution with another equally rich natural


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