Eveline Glycol Therapy 5 % Face treatment against imperfections 18 ml

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The formula of the treatment was based on as much as 10% of the complex with Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and 1% of the zinc complex with a view to maximum effectiveness and gentleness for acne-prone skin. 10% NIACINAMIDE complex - niacinamide, i.e. vitamin B3, recommended for skin care during anti-acne therapy, has a soothing and antioxidant effect. ZINC PCA 1% - a zinc complex helps to alleviate the symptoms of acne and reduces excessive sebum secretion. Zinc also accelerates the process of apoptosis - that is, the death of old skin cells and the rebirth of new ones, which avoids the problem of clogged skin pores and the formation of blackheads. It eliminates the harmful effects of free radicals and accelerates the regeneration process. 5 % glycolic acid complex accelerates cell renewal, has anti-aging properties, reduces imperfections and smoothes the skin structure. >

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