Bielenda Skin Clinic Professional Moisturizing day/night face cream 50 ml

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A professional cosmetic for all skin types, including dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.
It contains the maximum 100% dose of hyaluronic acid concentrate
Action: Active moisturizing cream effectively improves the quality of the skin - improves its firmness, elasticity, hydration, structure and color. It effectively prevents the formation of wrinkles, reduces the existing ones, instantly soothes the skin after aesthetic medicine treatments, reduces redness, perfectly smoothes and adds radiance to the skin.
The cream contains the maximum dose of 100% hyaluronic acid concentrate, one of the strongest moisturizing substances - thanks to which it moisturizes the skin strongly and exceptionally long-term, preventing the formation of wrinkles and effectively soothes the epidermis, e.g. after aesthetic medicine treatments.
Biomimetic peptides stimulate the production of new collagen, nourish, firm and revitalize the skin, improve its structure and elasticity, prevent sagging.
Lactic acid strongly moisturizes, normalizes the processes of exfoliation of the epidermis. I stimulate the production of ceramides in the skin, the lack of which causes wrinkles - the skin ages faster.
The skin looks younger - it is perfectly moisturized, smooth, firm, full of radiance, velvety to the touch - simply prettier. Dry and sensitive skin is stronger and soothed, irritations are reduced.
The cream is an excellent base for make-up. To achieve the maximum effect - reversing the biological age of the skin by 10 years, we recommend the combined use of the cream and serum from the Skin Clinic Professional line.
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