Etja Natural Spruce Essential Oil 10 ml

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Natural spruce oil is obtained from young shoots of Norway spruce. It has a stimulating and refreshing effect on a tired mind. It removes the symptoms of fatigue, nervous exhaustion and neuralgia. It can reduce excessive sweating and stimulate circulation. Thanks to its warming properties, it can soothe the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

The oil has antiseptic, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties, soothes upper respiratory tract infections. It has a light, fresh, resinous, woody fragrance and a yellow or colorless color.


Fatigue, nervous exhaustion and neuralgia.


Therapeutic massage used for colds and body weakness, bath - with spruce oil used for colds and soothes upper respiratory tract infections, inhalations, natural flavoring of the air, steam bath, aromatherapeutic salts and bath foams.

Massage 5 drops of essential oil to 12 drops of carrier oil, and then massage the body with spherical movements of the hand.
Bath: oil solution /5 drops of essential oils , 10-15 drops of carrier oil/ pour into a bathtub filled with 1/3 of water at a temperature of about 35°C. Carefully spread the oil over the surface of the water.
Aromatization: just add a few drops of essential oil to a vessel with hot water, air humidifier or aromatic fireplace.

It must not be used by pregnant and lactating women. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use.

Store in a tightly closed dark glass bottle at room temperature out of the reach of children.

100% natural.


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