Emolium Intensive Special body emulsion 200 ml

VAT included


It supports the treatment of these diseases and works prophylactically in the phases of their remission. It can be used on the face i do whole body. Thanks to a carefully selected and tested set of active substances effectively eliminates the causes and effects of dryness skin: lubricates and moisturizes the epidermis, reduces transepidermal loss water, rebuilds the hydrolipid coat, softens and makes the epidermis more elastic and relieves itching.
The hypoallergenic formula of the Special Emulsion was created in cooperation with dermatologists.
It is recommended for use in children from 1 month of age.


Emolium special emulsion works on 4 levels:

  • It nourishes the skin and regenerates the hydrolipid coat
  • Provides intercellular lipids
  • Moisturizes and binds water in the skin
  • It soothes itching


Emolium Special Emulsion is a modern emollient intended for the care of very dry skin and for care dermatological in diseases with dry skin:

  • atopic dermatitis,
  • ichthyosis, psoriasis,
  • eczema and lichen planus,
  • in addition to treatment with topical corticosteroids.


Apply a thin layer of emulsion on thoroughly cleansed skin of the whole body. Use is highly recommended product after each wash.


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