Dzidziuś cream against chafing 100 ml

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Dzidziuś hypoallergenic chafing cream: - from the first days of life, - effectively soothes irritations, cares for the skin through proper moisturizing and greasing, - for daily care of delicate baby skin, also for children prone to diaper dermatitis.
Zinc oxide has healing and soothing properties, supports the process of tissue regeneration.
Hypoallergenic lanolin mimics and strengthens the functions of epidermal lipids, which creates an ideal environment for wound healing and inflammation.
Daisy flower extract rebuilds and restores the functionality of the skin barrier, thanks to which the skin is protected against water loss.
Vitamin E has an anti-inflammatory effect, effectively affects the reconstruction of the tissue.
Based on natural oils and emollients. Does not contain: parabens, allergens, dyes, silicones and paraffin.

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