Irigasin refill set of 30 sachets

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Irigasin is a medical device intended for the preparation of a solution for rinsing the nose and sinuses.
The refill kit consists of 30 sachets.
Irigasin allows you to prepare both isotonic and hypertonic solutions, depending on the needs of the patient. Hypertonic sodium chloride solution, in addition to its cleansing effect, due to the higher concentration of the active substance, has osmotic properties, thanks to which it reduces swelling of the mucous membrane. It is therefore recommended in the case of swelling of the nose accompanying rhinitis during infection or allergies (hay fever), as well as sinusitis.

-acute or chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses
- rhinitis due to infection or allergy
- before and after nose and sinus surgery
- after exposure to high concentrations of dust in the air
- prophylactically to maintain proper hygiene of the nose and sinuses
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