Bielenda VEGE MAMA Bust firming Serum 125 ml

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Vegan firming serum for pregnant and postpartum women. Recommended from the 4th month of pregnancy.
The beneficial firming serum effectively cares for the breasts of a pregnant woman, in this special period when the skin on the future mother's breasts is extremely demanding: hypersensitive and delicate. The excellent vegan formula ensures careful care of the pregnant woman's body, and in the months immediately after childbirth, with particular care, it helps to restore the skin of the bust to its perfect appearance and condition.
The serum supports the protection of the skin of the bust against pregnancy stretch marks and loss of elasticity. It accelerates the regeneration of the skin exposed to stretching, optimally moisturizes, has an effect on strengthening the skin supporting the bust. It reduces the feeling of breast tension, soothes and soothes nipple irritation caused during feeding.

Contains skin-friendly, vegan active ingredients:
TAMANU OIL with smoothing, regenerating and soothing properties, COCOA (cocoa butter), which moisturizes, nourishes and tones CICA ( Centella Asiatica ), which firms and strengthens the skin, adds elasticity, soothes. Effect: Firm, smooth, less sensitive, soothed breast skin.
Application: 2 times a day, gently massage the preparation into the skin of the bust. Wash the nipples thoroughly before breastfeeding.
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