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Babuszka Agafia Siberian Flower Soap 500 ml

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When creating this soap, Russian cosmetologists used the recipes of the past generations of Siberian people. Made on the basis of natural ingredients an ideal product for the care of the whole body. The soap contains extracts extracts and oils of herbs and flowers, pollen, royal jelly, natural waxes and many other ingredients that give a guarantee exceptional care and aroma. Flower soap is used for both washing body and hair.
Does not contain parabens. Does not dry the skin. Does not contain artificial dyes, fragrances and washing substances. It foams thanks content of licorice and two types of soapwort.
Soap designed for delicate body and hair care. recommended people who value natural cosmetic products. Excellent in care all skin types.
The skin becomes naturally smooth, nourished, regenerated and moisturized. Hair strengthened, with a natural glow, soft, easy to style.
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