Bio-Oil Specialist skin care product Oil for scars and stretch marks 60 ml

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Bio-Oil is a specialized preparation whose task is to quickly and visibly improve the condition of the skin with scars, stretch marks and uneven color. Bio-Oil is recommended for mature and aging skin, as well as for dry and dehydrated skin. Bio-Oil is a unique, delicate preparation, which is intended for specialized skin care. Helps improve the appearance of new and existing scars. It reduces the possibility of stretch marks during pregnancy and during periods of rapid growth in adolescents, as well as in the event of weight fluctuations. It also helps to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks. Bio-Oil improves the appearance of pigmentation changes and discolorations caused by hormonal changes, skin discoloration or excessive sun exposure. It also helps to smooth and even out skin tone with signs of aging and wrinkles. Bio-Oil helps replenish the skin's natural lipid barrier.

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