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< strong >AVOCADO TREE /Persea Scheffer/

The avocado tree comes from southern Mexico, where after some time it spread to tropical and subtropical climates throughout America. A tree from the laurel family grows up to 20 meters in height, bearing fruits called avocado pears. The fruits ripen from 6 to 8 months, taking on a round or ovoid shape, where they are classified as drupes. The edible part is the pulp, which is about 85% of the weight of the fruit. It provides the raw material in the form of natural oil, which is widely used in cosmetics.

NATURAL AVOCADO OIL BIO /Persea Gratissim Oil/

Avocado oil is easily absorbed into the skin and penetrates into its deeper layers. It is a source of 7 vitamins (ABDEHK-PP), unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and proteins. Moisturizes and revitalizes the epidermis, shows high compatibility with natural skin lipids, complements the lipid barrier. It contains squalene with anti-inflammatory properties that soothes swelling on the skin. Intended for very dry, mature, aging and sensitive skin. It helps in the fight against psoriasis and eczema.

ETJA 's BIO Avocado Oil is made from organic raw materials and is 100% natural. It has the BCS DE - ӦKO certificate


  • applied directly to the skin at home

  • moisturizing massage on your own

  • treatments performed in specialized massage rooms

  • Bath - adding about one tablespoon (about 8-10 ml) to a bathtub filled with min. (1/3) of water, intensively moisturizes our skin, which is usually dried by water.

  • Due to its odorless smell and neutral color, it is an ideal addition to the production of high-quality homemade creams.

  • for the production of professional creams.

  • foot soaking


The beneficial properties of avocado have been used for about 7,000,000 years. BC in Mexico.


Always close the bottle after use and store it in a cool place




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