Emolium Dermocare Cradle cap gel 100 ml

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Softening gel for cradle cap Emolium is a complete emollient for care of sensitive skin with the problem of cradle cap. Fights cradle cap by moisturizing, softening and removing scales. At the same time, it restores skin balance, soothes irritations and stimulates regeneration and regulating the bacterial flora. It has a hypoallergenic a formula that was created in cooperation with dermatologists. Convenient applicator enables precise application of the preparation. The gel does not leave greasy film on the skin. Thanks to a specially selected formula, it simultaneously removes cradle cap and restores the physiological balance of the skin. Natural Extract AP i Sodium hyaluronate deeply moisturize the sensitive scalp. Thanks to this soften seborrheic scales, favoring its removal. Lactobionic acid has a gentle exfoliating effect and enhances the cell renewal process. Biolin - a prebiotic with unique balance-regulating properties skin by stimulating beneficial bacterial microflora. Pantenol i allantoin soothe irritations and redness and stimulate regeneration of skin cells. < strong >Indications: care for sensitive skin with a problem cradle cap (thick yellow dandruff-like scales, most commonly occurring on the head of newborns and infants); to be used from day 1 life. How to use: Apply 30 minutes before bathing a small amount of gel on the scalp in the place of cradle cap and massage gently. Leave on the skin for 30 minutes and then rinse with water. In the case of persistent cradle cap after 30 min. leaving the gel on the skin, you can gently remove sebum with a soft cloth brush, then rinse with water or wash off with shampoo.

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