Bielenda Comfort Exfoliating socks exfoliating foot treatment 2 pieces

Bielenda Comfort Exfoliating socks exfoliating foot treatment 2 pieces

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The exfoliating foot treatment is a simple way to smooth and soft feet feet without strenuous abrasion, using mechanical peeling , abrasives or milling machines in beauty salons. In effective method removes dead, thickened and calloused epidermis on the feet and heels.
The package contains:
– 2 pieces of foil socks – universal size
– 2 sachets with active liquid


The treatment is based on a unique combination effective and safe active ingredients, which as exfoliating and caring complex, help to remove problematic skin epidermis and renew it. Effective combination of up to 3 types of acids (glycolic, lactic and salicylic) and 5 % urea provides effective care for areas prone to keratosis and hardening. The treatment actively supports the natural processes of exfoliation foot epidermis, deeply renews and regenerates it, improves the appearance of feet and their comfort. Additional content of caring and soothing ingredients moisturizes and helps the skin of the feet return to balance.


One treatment is enough to visibly regenerate and renew feet. After 7-10 days after the treatment, the feet become perfect smooth, soft and neat*.
*The effect depends on the condition of the foot skin and the degree of its calluses. The effect of the treatment may last for several weeks.


1. Put on the foil socks included in the set on washed and dried feet.
2. Pour the contents of the sachets into each sock: 1 sachet per 1 sock.
3. Carefully put thick socks on the foil socks.
4. Leave the whole thing on the feet for 60-90 minutes - depending on the condition of the feet.
5. Carefully remove the thick socks and then the foil socks. Discard the foil socks. Wash the rest of the liquid off your feet with warm water.

ATTENTION - Throughout the procedure, keep your feet in such a position that the liquid does not spill out.
The process of exfoliation of the epidermis should begin after 3-7 days after procedure, and its length depends on the condition of the skin before the procedure. The exfoliation process can be accelerated by soaking the feet in the post-treatment period exfoliation for approx. 20 minutes. in warm water (once to several times - im more often, the faster it will peel off).
Do not use any additional exfoliating or abrasive agents during the treatment.

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