Eveline Extra Soft 3in1 concentrate for hands and nails 100 ml

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The cream is intended for rough, damaged and cracked skin hand. The cream combines the entire Swiss formula with properties regenerating, moisturizing and soothing.
The cream brings relief and a feeling of comfort to dry, rough and damaged skin hand skin. It regenerates, tones the epidermis and soothes irritations. It is perfectly absorbed, creates a barrier protecting against harmful substances external factors. In addition, it strengthens nails and softens them cuticles, preventing them from peeling. Leaves hands soft perfectly smooth and delicate like never before. The cream is intended also for the care of dry and calloused skin on the knees and elbows.
Active ingredients:
- 5 % urea provides the effect of deep hydration,
- ceramides supplement the deficiency of lipids in the epidermis, protecting it against the negative effects of external factors,
- avocado oil prevents the loss of water from the epidermis, protecting against drying. Makes the skin of the hands more elastic and soft, eliminating roughness and peeling,
- D - pantenol + allantoin have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. They moisturize the epidermis, stimulating it to regenerate,
- a complex of vitamins A, E, F; nourishes and regenerates, making the skin regain its smoothness and elasticity.
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